Household debt in the U.S. just hit a new record high. Collectively, American consumers owe almost $17 billion. They added nearly $400 billion to this number in the final quarter of 2022 alone.

This has made debt relief companies more important than ever before in this country. Americans need debt relief right now, and debt relief services need to step in and help them.

Is your debt relief company ready to answer the call? If so, consider taking advantage of the inbound pay-per-call services available to you. They’ll guarantee your debt relief service is able to attract new customers so that you can set them up with credit repair services.

If you’d like to increase the number of inbound calls your debt relief company gets right now, take the time to learn about how pay-per-call services work. Check out our guide below to find out what you need to know.

What Are Inbound Pay-Per-Calls for Debt Relief Companies?

When you own a debt relief company, you have one goal each and every day: To keep your telephones ringing so that you’re able to provide your services to customers. If you aren’t getting enough calls, it’s going to hurt your bottom line.

If your debt relief service is struggling to get your phones to ring, inbound pay-per-calls can help. When you take advantage of inbound pay-per-call services, a marketing company will give you access to a call marketplace. You can then purchase inbound calls from those interested in debt relief from this marketplace to ensure you’re fielding more than enough calls on a daily basis.

A marketing company like Real Performance Marketing can see to it that you’re only getting the most qualified leads from our call marketplace when you choose to work with us. And all you’ll need to do to get them is pay a small fee when you decide to invest in inbound calls for your debt relief company.

How Do Inbound Pay-Per-Calls Work?

Now that you have a better idea of what inbound pay-per-calls are, let’s discuss how they work. It’ll help illustrate just how easy it can be for debt relief companies to take their operations to the next level.

Here is what you’ll need to do to start using inbound pay-per-calls to your advantage:

  1. Find a marketing company like Real Performance Marketing that specializes in providing inbound pay-per-call services
  2. Tell this marketing company about your debt relief service’s goals and success metrics
  3. Sit back and wait for this marketing company to customize a pay-per-call strategy for you
  4. Get almost immediate access to as many inbound calls as you would like
  5. Work on turning the leads you receive from a call marketplace into conversions

A great marketing company like Real Performance Marketing will even go the extra mile for you and create branded messaging for your specific business when taking calls. It’ll lead to a better customer service experience overall for the prospective leads looking for debt relief.

What Are the Benefits of Inbound Pay-Per-Calls?

After hearing about how inbound pay-per-calls for debt relief companies work, you may still be wondering why you should consider paying someone else for this service. Can’t your debt relief company simply try to work a little harder to get more calls as opposed to turning to a marketing company for help?

Maybe. But once you start using inbound pay-per-call services, it won’t take you long to see how beneficial it can be. Take a look at several of the biggest benefits of relying on a company like Real Performance Marketing to assist you with inbound pay-per-calls.

Saves Time

If you’re currently taking care of all your own inbound calls, you’re well aware of how much time it takes. You have to walk each person who contacts your company through your debt relief process so that they understand it. And then, you have to hope that they’re interested enough to move forward with your debt relief company.

When leads like this convert, it won’t be a waste of time at all. But you will find that you’ll waste quite a bit of time speaking with people who don’t end up utilizing your debt relief company’s services.

You won’t need to worry about wasting any time when you use inbound pay-per-calls for debt relief companies. A company like Real Performance Marketing will step in and work on generating strong leads for your debt relief company. It’ll save you time and ensure that all the people who get in touch with your company will be invested in using your services.

Boosts Call Traffic

As we alluded to earlier, your debt relief company might not be generating too many calls at this time. It could put your employees in a position where they have to start cold-calling potential customers to drum up interest in your business.

Why do this when you can use the call marketplace that Real Performance Marketing has to offer? There will constantly be calls coming in that your debt relief company can take after prospects have been identified.

You’ll notice a dramatic increase in your call traffic from the moment you begin working with a great marketing company. You’ll often be able to access as many inbound calls as your company can handle.

Delivers Better Leads

There are a variety of ways in which your debt relief company can generate leads for your business. A company like Real Performance Marketing will be able to walk you through other options you may want to consider.

But you aren’t going to find better leads than the ones you’ll find when you start taking inbound pay-per-calls. These leads will include people who are interested enough in debt relief that they’ve gone out of their way to reach out for help.

This should give this option a leg up on all the other options you could consider when it comes to lead generation. You’ll feel more confident in your debt relief company’s ability to convince customers to work with your debt relief company when they’re coming to you through a call marketplace.

Provides Exclusive Leads

An alarming number of Americans are in debt right now. Reports have revealed that only about 25% of people don’t have any debt. This has led to an increase in the number of debt relief companies.

Since there are so many debt relief companies, many of the leads that you try to contact yourself will probably have heard from other companies. It’s going to make it less likely that they’ll choose to work with your debt relief company unless you’re able to blow them out of the water with your services.

Inbound pay-per-calls will provide your debt relief company with exclusive leads that haven’t already spoken with dozens of other companies that have reached out to them. You’ll get to take your best shot at these leads without worrying about which other companies you may be competing with.

Increases Close Rates

Your ultimate goal will be to convince people to work with your debt relief company over all the rest. Achieving high close rates will be of the utmost importance to your business.

Real Performance Marketing has found that people who initiate contact with a debt relief company have higher closing rates than those who speak with them in another way. We’ve also found they close 300% faster than potential customers coming to a debt relief company through a different lead generation method.

And as an added bonus, these people also tend to make their minds up about working with a debt relief company quicker than others. To go back to the first benefit listed here, it’s another way it’ll save your company time while helping it increase profits.

Where Can You Obtain Inbound Pay-Per-Calls?

To start obtaining inbound pay-per-calls, you’ll need to find a marketing company that can extend these services to you. Not every marketing company is cut out to do it. It can take a lot of work to set up a successful call marketplace for debt relief companies.

Real Performance Marketing has managed to do it. We specialize in helping debt relief companies and can also provide other consumer finance companies with:

  • Credit repair leads
  • Debt settlement leads
  • Tax debt leads

We understand the consumer finance industry well and can use our expertise and experience to create a winning inbound pay-per-call strategy for your business.

How Much Do Inbound Pay-Per-Calls Cost?

If you’re concerned about the costs that’ll be associated with inbound pay-per-calls, don’t be. Your debt relief company will need to prepare to invest in these services. But they aren’t going to cost as much as you may think after hearing about their benefits.

The price you’ll pay for inbound pay-per-calls will depend on many different factors like:

  • What goals your debt relief company has
  • Which custom branding your debt relief company creates for inbound pay-per-calls
  • Which marketing company you hire to help you

But you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to get a great deal through a company like Real Performance Marketing. We’ll even arrange to provide you with an opportunity to speak with prospects before incurring a charge from us.

What If You Receive Phony Inbound Pay-Per-Calls?

There may be times when your debt relief company will receive fraudulent inbound pay-per-calls. There may also be times when you’ll receive inbound calls from someone who misdialed the phone.

But not to worry. Real Performance Marketing will provide you with credits if and when these calls ever come in. You won’t need to foot the bill for them since they weren’t realistic leads.

Not all marketing companies are going to extend this professional courtesy to you. Some will charge you regardless of whether or not a prospect was a fraudulent caller or someone who meant to call a different number.

You’ll come to appreciate this and will see the impact it has on your company’s profits. You’ll also like knowing that Real Performance Marketing always has your company’s best interests at heart.

Are Inbound Pay-Per-Calls for Debt Relief Companies Worth It?

After reading about how inbound pay-per-calls work and hearing about the benefits of using them, you shouldn’t still be asking yourself, “Is it worth it?”

But just in case you are, give thought to how much time and money you’re spending chasing down leads these days. Outside of running your employees ragged, you could also be costing your debt relief company money.

Additionally, there are other debt relief companies that are using inbound pay-per-calls and seeing the results. They’re getting to the leads that could be yours faster and enjoying the high closing rates that could be yours.

With this in mind, it should be easy to see that inbound pay-per-calls are worth it. In fact, you could make the argument that you can’t afford not to give them a try when you consider the advantages that they’ll give you.

Your company’s phones will be ringing off the hook in a hurry when you use a call marketplace to accept inbound pay-per-calls. It’ll help make your debt relief company busier than it has been in a long time.

We Can Increase Your Debt Relief Company’s Call Traffic

If your debt relief company isn’t generating as many calls as you might like, look to change that immediately. Real Performance Marketing has the inbound pay-per-call services you need.

We’ve worked with many debt relief companies in the past and stand behind our ability to increase your leads and your close rates. Let us come up with a wonderful solution to your marketing troubles today.

Contact us to get more information on our inbound pay-per-call services.