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We strive to provide unparalleled benefits and service to our publisher partners including:

  1. Customizable, expedited payment terms
  2. Comprehensive and intuitive call tracking system
  3. Ability to fire pixels on call conversions and accept high call volume
  4. No minimum payout thresholds
  5. Awesome publisher swag! 

Discover the benefits of working with one of the broadest publisher call networks in the industry. Signing up is simple!


This is a reminder that RPM cannot accept leads that fail our compliance standards and/or those established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as outlined in Chapter 3 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual (CY2019 Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines_Updated 090518 (PDF),Medicare Advantage Marketing Regulations – § 422 Subpart VMedicare Part D Marketing Regulations – § 423 Subpart V)

Such leads generate complaints and issues with carriers that make it impossible for us to continue doing business with the lead source. As part of RPM’s obligation to monitor the quality and compliance standards of its sources, we will not be able to accept leads from any partner that does not meet our compliance standards.

 In particular:

 Jornaya/Ringba integration. Partners unable to provide a valid Jornaya token through our Ringba integration when warm transferring a call from an outbound source will no longer be permitted to warm transfer such calls. Partners sending data leads must continue to send over a valid Jornaya token with each data lead.

Call Recording Storage and Retrieval. Partners transferring calls must record their portion of the call and, within 3 business days of request, provide that call recording. These recordings must be maintained for 10 years under Medicare regulations. When carriers investigate complaints, they require RPM to provide the call recording within a few business days, so partners unable to meet this requirement will no longer be permitted to warm transfer calls to RPM.

No Unapproved Lead Sources. The source of leads sent to RPM must be approved by RPM’s compliance process. This means that leads from unapproved postcards, websites, and other advertisements cannot be sent to RPM. You are not authorized to use sub-vendors for any RPM campaign. Partners that violate this restriction put RPM at risk of sanction by carriers, and therefore will not be permitted to send further leads to RPM.

RPM continuously and thoroughly audits all of our third-party publishers, and we will not tolerate any activity that violates the terms of our agreements. If RPM discovers that any third-party call provider has attempted to send unauthorized call(s) from a sub-vendor, RPM will automatically withhold payment for all traffic while that partner undergoes a complete audit.

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