RPM delivers outcome-based marketing solutions and personalized consumer experiences that convert for many of the country’s leading brands. Our value is helping brands supercharge their growth and capture market share.

Learn what fuels us to drive results for the best brands.

Our leadership team makes decisions in our clients’ best interests and no one else’s – we are 100% privately owned and operated and not beholden to an outside board or investors. With a focus on our customers rather than a sale or IPO, you start to see what makes working with us a different kind of experience. Each member of our team is a specialist in their field. Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are, while building loyalty across every touchpoint.

What we do isn’t about ones and zeroes, CPM, or call volume. It’s about leading the team that connects customers to companies they’re interested in – and helping companies reach back out to those customers to close more sales. Bridging the formerly disparate worlds of digital marketing and lead generation to strengthen the connection between companies and their customers is our reason for being here.

RPM operates within the highest moral and ethical values set by the council and its members.


RPM leadership serves on PMA COMPLIANCE COUNCIL. RPM advances performance marketing through the identification of compliance best practices and guides the industry in providing guidelines to advertisers for program management, channel attribution and relationship management. RPM plays a key role in helping to develop industry standards and codes of conduct for key aspects of performance marketing, including advertiser-affiliate relationships and software usage, etc.


To be the first call for founders who want to make history and to partner with them as company builders in pursuit of that goal.


Moral compass
Our North Star is serving humanity with the tools at our disposal — people, technology and marketing — and we work with advertisers who share this compass.
We are collectively rewriting the rules of digital performance advertising. We’re collaborating to minimize waste and maximize results. We’re continually innovating and adapting to create a more efficient advertising ecosystem with solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers, advertisers and publishers.
We never forget that we are here to serve advertisers and their teams to help them get through their biggest marketing challenges. We take nothing for granted and never assume we have all the answers.
Performance As a Mindset

We are focused squarely on consumers and the quality of their experience in a performance marketplace and are creating more effective, efficient and sustainable customer acquisition solutions for marketers. 


We are as ambitious as our advertisers and know winning requires passion, grit, and dynamic and orthogonal thinking that comes from diverse expertise and experience.


  • We provide great quality, new customer leads that come from trusted sources.

  • Our job leads constantly flow in from a wide variety of sources.

  • We verify every service request by phone so you don’t have to waste time with bogus leads.