RPM works alongside your existing sales & marketing strategy to drive high volumes of quality leads to your business at a fixed price per lead.

Unlock the Power of Intent Real Performance Marketing

RPM is your gateway to building meaningful connections with motivated consumers. Our platform connects you with potential customers who are actively seeking information, services, or products. By delivering tailored content and enticing offers based on their preferences and interests, we help consumers engage with the brands that truly resonate with them. With exclusive collaborations with premier affiliate publishers, our solutions offer immense volume and rapid expansion opportunities. Elevate your marketing strategy with RPM and reach the audience that matters most.

RPM connects marketers


Giving marketers a competitive edge.

To scale your business, we target the right audience at the right time via effective paid channels with full TCPA & GDPR compliance.


Proprietary Media

RPM’s digital media properties are designed to engage consumers and enable winning performance marketing campaigns.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Powered by continued investment in technology, analytics, and product innovation, our platform is built to deliver client KPIs.

Quality and scale you can’t find elsewhere.


We partner with the industry’s leading publishers and platforms, putting our own money to work to drive engaged consumers to our digital media properties. From offer design and inventory placement, to tracking and measurement, we strive to connect brands with loyal, repeat customers.

Traffic Types


The most user-friendly format gives an organic appeal to your advertising


Multiple opportunities to reach your audience from rewarded video to interstitials.


Massive exposure on premium placements all over the web.

  • The most user-friendly format gives an organic appeal to your advertising
  • Multiple opportunities to reach your audience from rewarded video to interstitials.
  • Custom specialized lists help you address your potential customers’ issues directly and personally
  • Demand-specific angles bring high-value prospects to your product.
  • Massive exposure on premium placements all over the web.
  • Narrowly targeted audiences from all major social media platforms quickly turn into engaged customers.

Multichannel Performance Marketing Solutions:

RPM is a leading digital marketing agency experienced in successful customer acquisition strategies and channels. Through our full-service strategic agency approach, we help top brands gain quality leads and customers through a variety of mediums and channels, including search, email, social, native, display, mobile ads, and more.

Your future customers are searching for your brand, your products, and your competitors online. Be the answer to their search through paid search ads. 


Reach up to 89% of the market by appearing at the top of Google’s search engine results.

Paid search marketing is a scalable form of web marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide. Because your potential customers will see your ads only when they’re searching for precisely the products or services you offer, they’re far more likely than a casual browser to be at the point of purchase—yielding a better ROI.


A branded advertisement represents a company image, company logo, company colors and sayings, and various combinations of these features. They make the message easily recognizable and link all similar messages to a single business, no matter the product or discount—emphasizing why it’s essential to have a consistent look and feel for your brand.

Our team can help capture existing demand, increase brand presence, produce incremental volume, displace competitors, and ensure costs are managed with some of the highest quality leads of any traffic type.


Generic advertising is designed to promote a general product rather than a specific brand name and builds consumer support for the product in general. This type of advertising can target a customer’s pain points without selling a specific brand.

We create customized comparison landing pages to inform readers with value to help capture high-quality leads without directly advertising your brand specifically.

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most potent forms of direct marketing—used to promote special offers, new product releases, and most significantly, acquire new consumers. Brands like yours see an average of $44 ROI per $1 spent through email advertising. 

Email allows you to create targeted and personalized messages that can help you to build meaningful relationships with NEW customers. It’s suitable for almost any business, as it complements and enhances your overall marketing efforts.

At RPM, we have the expertise to create effective and personalized campaigns that deliver real, measurable results. We understand your ROAS goals, your ideal customer profile, the opportunities for your growth, and the latest trends to ensure the best performance across all digital channels.

With roots from one of the largest industry email publishers, RPM has expanded to selected mailers to ensure quality and compliance with every email campaign.

We’ve earned the reputation as one of the top email agencies regarding volume, quality, and compliance, to acquire new customers by some of the largest fortune 500 companies.

Display advertising is the process of advertising a product or service through visuals like images and videos on networks of publisher websites such as the Google Display Network and Facebook etc., in the form of a banner, photo, or text ads.

At RPM, they are used as targeted placement ads on our affiliate-owned and operated sites, ensuring your brand gets in front of your potential customers. This targeting includes demographic and geo-targeting, along with the specific interests of your target audience—making them an effective form of marketing.

Advertisers have the advantage of raising awareness, driving traffic, gaining trust, and optimizing their advertising budget for a solid ROI.

Display ads come in many shapes and sizes. Meaning you can choose a style and advertising format to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to Google’s extensive network, advertisers have access to millions of websites.

Unlike the large DSPs (demand-side platforms) of Google Display & Video 360, Amazon Advertising, The Trade Desk, and Yahoo DSP, RPM consistently has a lower-than-industry fraud rate at less than one percent. We’ve earned the reputation as a high-quality display advertiser, charging for qualified actions vs per impressions and it’s the combination of our low fraud rate and cost-effective performance marketing that sets us apart.

Native advertising uses paid ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. This means when your customers are looking at a website, your ad will blend in with the content, being more trusted.

To maximize the return on any native advertising initiative, many publishers and advertisers have teamed up with technology partners that can help with content distribution, audience engagement, cross-platform monetization, and more. That’s where we come in.

At RPM, we work with reputable content channels offering value to readers, enhancing trust across presale sites for more clicks on offers. Additionally, with our unique performance model of native marketing, you get more cost-effective and impactful advertising — we don’t charge per impression or click but instead, we’re only paid when traffic from the ad results in a qualified action happening on your site.

Target your ideal customer based on their social behaviors and demographics to build brand awareness, generate leads, and capture sales revenue.

Advertising on social is a hyper-direct way to reach the audience you want. You can target brand new customers and audiences can be defined based on past behavior, purchase history, and how well users match up with target persona demographics and interests.

At RPM, we’ve joined forces with the largest social media publishers that deliver targeted, high volume, high-quality leads through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media channels. And as always, through our unique performance model, you don’t pay for the advertising on social, you only pay for the leads or direct sales resulting from the social ads.

Meet your customers on their playing field. Mobile ads increase engagement rates and are designed to be cost-effective and personal while building a relationship with your future customers.  

Mobile advertising can include SMS offers, banner advertisements on websites, ads on downloaded apps and games, and much more. RPM’S goal is to ensure continuous engagement with the consumers using different types of updates.

It’s important to understand that engagement metrics differ from web metrics. Generally, users consume ad content much faster but spend more cumulative time on mobile pages and use prefill tools like form fill. Partnering with marketing experts like RPM, who understand a mobile-first approach is a key to growing your advertising success and being effective with your marketing budget.

Reach your target demographic with display traffic to advertisers that connect to your audience. This traffic comes from different forms of display ads targeted at your audience. They are then taken on a path to the advertising website, which is credible.

One of the most significant benefits is paths can apply to target the desired traffic around gender, income, home or car owner status, the debt amount, and more.

Path traffic, or link-outs, should always be trusted, resourceful, and match the audience to build credibility and trust across the brands.

At RPM, we have access to a credible and trustworthy network of many other site types, including resources, surveys, seniors, families, and more—ensuring we will identify the correct place for your path traffic to begin.

Gain access to highly engaged consumers who’ve opted to receive valuable content and offers with Push Notifications.

Push traffic comes from Push Notification ads. They are personal-like messages traditionally sent to users’ browsers on both mobile and desktop. On mobile devices, they resemble personal alerts from messengers like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, making users more apt to click.

RPM’S Push Notifications Partners have collected a list of engaged consumers who opted-in to receive valuable content and offers with Push Notifications. And with each notification, your brand increases visibility and you only pay for quality leads or direct sale results.

Performance Marketing Compliance

RPM works hard to ensure that our content, customer data, and business practices comply with the laws, policies, and voluntary codes of practice that protect consumers. RPM is adept in interpreting and applying the law, while promoting the vision and ingenuity of the marketing team. Learn more HERE.

Publisher Vetting

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