Your business requires much effort and investment to get off the ground. It needs everything you have to make it work. From workforce to funds and more, you have to make everything count.

Home insurance is a necessary part of everything your business stands for. You need it to ensure the safety and security of every aspect of your business.

The ability to generate home insurance company leads is as important as everything else you do. This ensures your business is covered against whatever happens.

Homeowners are well aware of this, too, with 93% having some home insurance. That can open up a large market for home insurance companies to tap into. 

So how can social media help generate insurance leads? Below, we give you a rundown. Read on to learn more.

You Can Access a Large Audience 

Social media provides you as an advertiser with a large audience. Across the globe, around 4.5 billion people use some sort of social media platform. For context, that is over half of the world’s population.

This means that for a maximum return, you have a vast potential audience you can speak to. The best part about this is that a large percentage of people on the younger side can become lifelong customers for your company. 

More than 80% of people under 50 years old use social media. This means you can lock those people in as customers for decades just by advertising on social media. 

Another benefit for you here is that people who use social media spend a decent amount of time on it daily. The average time a person spends on social media daily is two hours and 25 minutes. 

This means there is long enough exposure to social media for someone to potentially run into an advertisement for your business. So, if you want to get more involved with social media, decent exposure to a large audience can be one of your most significant incentives. 

You Can Engage With Your Customers Directly

Another good thing that can come from social media is to give your company more opportunities to engage with your customers. Again, with advertisements, you are doing this to try to speak to your audience. 

However, customers do not typically have a chance to respond to you when they do this. That is where social media can help change this.

See, on social media, your company would get the chance to publish posts with press releases, images, video content, and more. Once you do that, customers can like and comment on the things you release to the public. 

This gives you a chance to have a direct dialogue with your customers. You can thank them for liking anything that you post, you can respond to some criticism that some customers may have for your company, and you have a chance to openly address any questions or concerns that a customer may bring up. 

In other words, social media allows an exchange of dialogue rather than a conversation only happening one way. This can be a good opportunity for your company to get to know your customers better. It can also be a good chance for customers to get to know your company better. 

You Have the Opportunity to Include a Call to Action 

Something that social media can help you do is spread your call to action to customers. It gives you another platform where you can post all the information your customers need about your company. 

Let’s say that your company is promoting and offering a discount on your standard home insurance plan. The call to action is probably to sign up for said insurance plan. 

So, your company can put a link in a post or a video that will direct customers to the place where they can sign up for this home insurance plan. 

Having this on social media allows you to expose this call of action to more customers than you might be able to with other platforms. You want to have clear and direct goals with your customers, so social media can be an excellent place to explain these goals. 

You Can Cultivate Captivating Hooks

Before we can even think about a call to action, you need to make sure that you have a hook that gets people to read or watch your content on social media in the first place. 

Do you have a caption that makes people curious? Does it make people want to learn more? 

For videos, is it coming out at a time when your news is relevant to the industry or general society? Does something jump off the screen that people can’t take their eyes off? 

You must ask yourself these questions when trying to get an audience’s attention. 

Generate Home Insurance Company Leads: How Social Media Helps

Every business needs new leads; you can’t rely on existing customers if you want to grow. And these are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind if you want to generate home insurance company leads!

You need a hook that will get an audience to view your content in the first place. Next, you need a call to action that presents a clear goal for what you want your customers to do. You will also want to engage with your customers to understand what they want. 

Do you need help generating leads for your business? Message us today, and we will show you how we can help.