With over 400,000 insurers operating in the US, it can be tricky to generate leads for any type of insurance.

Everyone needs life insurance, so you wouldn’t think that you’d have to put a lot of your marketing resources into generating life insurance leads. Due to market saturation and the simple fact that young people aren’t thinking about life insurance, however, cultivating leads is incredibly tricky.

It’s one thing to generate leads. It’s another to generate meaningful leads that have the potential to result in legitimate life insurance customers. You need to develop workable marketing strategies that get you through to customers in ways that your competitors can’t.

In this post, we’ll examine some of these strategies in detail. Keep reading, and you’ll have a clear path forward to generating more and higher quality life insurance leads.

Blogging and Content Marketing

The type of content you create has a direct effect on your ability to generate meaningful leads. Everything from articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos can be used in an effective way. It’s all about communicating valuable information about life insurance to potential customers.

When it works, you can establish your authority on the subject and build trust with an audience. Eventually, when those people are ready to purchase their life insurance, it’s going to be you they go to first. 

Blogging, for example, is a great way to distribute content because it’s not about sales. Focus on writing helpful posts and use an effective call to action to get people to your website and turn them into leads.

Referral Programs

Referrals are among the most surefire ways to generate good leads. There are various ways to use your happy customers to bring in more business, but referrals are the most direct method. 

It’s tricky with life insurance because you aren’t exactly going to get many return customers until their policies need renewal. Instead, create a referral program to entice your existing customers’ friends and family to purchase life insurance from you.

In return for the referrals, your existing customers will get some sort of reward. Whether it’s cash back on the following month’s premium or a gift card to a local business, you just have to make sure the reward is enticing enough to get your customers to take part.

Leverage Reviews

The other way to have your existing customers help you generate leads is to encourage them to leave positive reviews. As of 2021, 99.9% of customers read online reviews before online shopping, regardless of whether they’re shopping for insurance or handbags.

When you have lots of positive reviews, you’re going to get more legitimate leads. Having lots of good reviews is also a massive part of a good SEO strategy. When someone searches for “life insurance”, having a strong SEO strategy will push your site up the results page.

Networking, Online and In Person

Networking is a big part of lead generation, even for life insurance. If there are any insurance conferences coming up, you can experience the benefits of in-person networking. Otherwise, focus your attention on using relevant social media sites like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for professional networking and lead generation. Optimize your profile and join any groups that might pertain to life insurance. 

It can be tricky to raise the concern of life insurance with consumers. By networking with businesses, however, you can sell workplace policies. Many workers view built-in life insurance policies to be great employee perks.

Offering Free Quotes

The average person doesn’t think about life insurance. People also think life insurance is more expensive than it is. You can generate more interest in life insurance with a good content strategy, but you can generate real leads by offering free quotes.

This is a simple way to grab a potential customer’s contact info while simultaneously altering their perception of life insurance costs. Have a form ready to go on your website. Ask for other details like age, marital status, and the amount of coverage they want, as well as contact info.

They get a free quote, and you get important information in return. The more information you have about your leads, the more targeted your advertising campaigns can be. This will help you turn good leads into great ones and great leads into customers. 

Social and Listing Optimization

SEO is an important organic marketing tool that also helps with lead generation. One of the ways to boost SEO is to enhance your presence on listings and directories. If someone’s looking for life insurance, having your information listed on these directories will help them find you. 

Social media is great for this too. Maintain an active social media presence, both posting frequently and engaging with followers. This builds brand identity and a level of trust that turns followers into leads.

Third-Party Lead Generation

There are two types of leads. Company leads involve almost everything we’ve discussed here today. Third-party life insurance leads come in when you hire an expert to help you generate more leads.

At RPM, we offer lead generation on demand in addition to pay per lead and marketing strategies that help you generate better leads. Using analytics and technology, we’re able to gather real-time insights and data in order to get you higher-quality customer engagements. 

All of this works to get the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time. Having more data and insights allows us to increase ROI on ads by boosting ad relevance and providing easier access to promotions.

If you want high-intent customers, lead generation isn’t enough. Third-party lead generation from RPM can match you with customers that make sense.

Get More Life Insurance Leads Today

These are all effective strategies for generating life insurance leads. As an insurance company or broker, you need a steady stream of leads to maintain your bottom line. It can’t be understated how tricky this is during times of increased inflation.

If you need help generating more leads, look no further than RPM. We’re the premier customer acquisition marketer for the insurance industry, offering granular insight into the typical insurance customer. Our approach matches high-intent customers with insurance providers, allowing you to start selling more.

To learn more about RPM Insurance, sign up, or connect with one of our team members, visit our site today.