At least 61% of marketers consider lead generation their number one challenge. Sure, this might not feel like as big of a challenge as a business in the home services industry. Homeowners call because your services are often necessary and timely. However, it’s still important to consider as you build your business.

Are you a business owner in the home services industry looking for new marketing techniques to reach more customers? Pay-per-call is an innovative way to increase your visibility and generate qualified leads. 

By investing in pay-per-call ads, you can attract and onboard a larger audience. This audience is full of people ready and willing to take action. The result? An unparalleled opportunity for rapid revenue growth for a business owner like you.

Follow along as we look at how effective pay-per-call campaigns are for driving sales in the home services sector. Then, we’ll explain how they can help your company stand out.

What Are Pay-Per-Call Services?

Pay-per-call services are an advertising model where businesses only pay when a potential customer calls. Don’t confuse these with pay-per-click marketing, though. You’ll sometimes see those written with the abbreviation PPC, too.

These services work by providing businesses with unique phone numbers. However, you don’t answer those calls; we do. When a customer sees your advertisement and decides to call the number, we answer it. After qualifying the lead, we route it to you. You’re only charged per call placed.

We know what you’re thinking. Why can’t you answer your phone calls? Well, this type of advertising is particularly useful for businesses that offer services (like those in the home services industry) booked over the phone. It can help increase the number of potential customers that call. 

Additionally, pay-per-call advertising allows businesses to track the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly.

How Does Pay-Per-Call Marketing Work?

Pay-per-call marketing is a model where you pay for each phone call made after a lead generation company sends you a live, qualified customer. This differs from pay-per-click advertising, where you pay for each click an online ad receives.

The idea behind pay-per-call is that it allows you to target people actively looking for a service related to your industry. For example, someone searching for a plumber might Google “plumber near me.” An experienced lead generation company would capture that lead on the phone and transfer them straight to you.

The company would then charge you for that call. However, it’s a small price to pay for a great lead. You’ll have a higher likelihood of that person becoming a paying customer than if they had Googled a service and never interacted with (or even found) your business.

This makes it a time-saving, cost-effective way to get high-quality leads who can turn into long-time, loyal customers.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Call Marketing for Businesses in the Home Services Industry

As the owner of a business in the home services industry, you know how competitive the market can be. That’s why it’s important to have a marketing strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. With marketing services aplenty, what makes this marketing worth investing in? Here’s what to know.

Pay Per Call Placed

Unlike traditional advertising methods, pay-per-call guarantees you only pay for generated leads. This means that you can focus on converting leads rather than worrying about the cost of advertising. This approach also ensures you’re not wasting time and resources on ineffective advertising campaigns.

Consistent Phone Calls

In this type of marketing, businesses only have to pay when someone calls their company through the advertised phone number. So, one major benefit of pay-per-call marketing is that it provides a constant stream of potential clients straight to your phone. 

By working with a pay-per-call marketing agency, you have a dedicated team making consistent phone calls on your behalf to generate leads. This frees up your time to focus on running your business while ensuring a steady stream of new clients. 

The bottom line? With an experienced team managing your calls, you can be confident that your advertising budget is efficiently allocated. This makes pay-per-call marketing an excellent way to grow your business and increase your ROI.

High-Value Sales Leads

One of the major benefits of this type of marketing is that you get high-value and qualified sales leads. If you’ve ever tried to generate sales leads independently, you know how difficult it can be to find high-quality leads ready to convert.

This isn’t the case with this type of advertising. The people who get sent to your phone are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Furthermore, with pay-per-call marketing, you only pay for actual leads, not clicks or views. 

This means you’re not wasting your marketing budget on low-quality leads or uninterested parties. In addition, since the leads you receive are phone calls, you can qualify them further if needed to ensure they are a good fit for your business.

Avoid Low-Value Leads

You know this can help you attract high-quality leads, sure. However, it also offers you the ability to avoid low-quality leads. 

You’ve likely encountered this before. Have you ever spent time and resources on leads that are unlikely to turn into actual customers? If so, pay-per-call marketing is right for you. It allows you and your team to receive calls from interested individuals. They need your services and are ready to pay for them.

This results in increased efficiency and a higher return on investment. All in all, home services businesses like yours can improve their conversion rates and bottom line by focusing only on high-value leads (if working with the right team, of course).

Local, Qualified Clients

One of the benefits of pay-per-call marketing for the home services industry is that it provides access to local, qualified clients. These people are actively seeking your services. You’re able to reach potential customers at the exact moment when they need you the most. 

Using location-based marketing strategies, you can attract customers looking for services. This could include:

  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Painting
  • Electrical repairs
  • Other services in the home service industry

Forget chatting with people halfway across the country who didn’t know you were in Portland, Maine, and not Portland, Oregon.

Pay-per-call marketing also lets you track and measure your campaigns’ success in real-time. As you gather data, you can adjust and optimize your marketing strategies. It’s the best way to achieve optimal results. 

Easy Metrics to Measure

One of the benefits of this type of advertising is that it provides easy metrics to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. Unlike other forms of marketing, pay-per-call advertising tracks the actual calls generated by the campaign, making it easier to measure the ROI. 

This means you can see which campaigns are working and which are not. Why’s that matter? It allows you to decide where to allocate your marketing budget. We know how important it is to you to optimize your business budget and make the most of your hard-earned money; with these marketing services, that’s possible.

Are These Marketing Services Right for You?

Pay-per-call marketing services have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing businesses a new way to generate leads and increase revenue. However, deciding whether or not these services are right for your company can be a difficult decision. 

Consider the following if you’re unsure about investing in this type of marketing.

Consider Your Average Client Value

One major factor to consider is your average client value. Pay-per-call marketing may be wise if your home services business has a higher average client value. This is because you can expect a higher return on investment for every phone call generated. 

For example, if the average customer spends about $750 for one emergency service, it’s likely worth the small price you’d pay to the lead generation agency to help you reach and close that one sale. 

Overall, weighing these factors carefully before investing in any advertising platform is essential to ensure you receive the desired results and maximize your ROI.

Assess the Quality of Your Current Leads

Pay-per-call marketing can either be very effective in generating leads or be a waste of money if the quality of leads is not up to the mark. Therefore, assessing your current leads’ quality before jumping into pay-per-call marketing is crucial. 

The quality of your current leads will help you determine if it makes sense to pay for more leads. By assessing the quality of your leads, you can understand if you need to spend your money on pay-per-call marketing or evaluate other marketing channels. 

The bottom line? Taking into consideration the quality of your leads will ensure that all the leads gained from marketing efforts are worth the investment made in generating them.

Consider Your Bandwidth for Sales & Marketing

Pay-per-call marketing can generate a high volume of leads, which can be overwhelming if you do not have the personnel and systems to handle them. So, take time to assess whether your team can handle the increased workload or if you need to hire additional staff to manage the influx. 

Additionally, you should evaluate your marketing budget to ensure that pay-per-call aligns with your business goals and financial resources. Careful consideration of your capacity will ensure you can capitalize on pay-per-call marketing to boost your business’s growth and revenue.

Why Work With Specialists in the Home Services Industry

As mentioned, working with specialists in the home services industry for pay-per-call marketing can make a huge difference in the success of your marketing efforts. You don’t want to work with any team of amateurs. By working with specialists, you gain access to the following.

Professionally Trained in Sales Calls

These specialists have extensive experience communicating with potential customers and getting them to act. They know the right questions to ask and how to frame their pitch to appeal to the specific needs and concerns of the customer. 

This can lead to higher conversion rates and more revenue for home services businesses. Furthermore, specialists in this industry can adapt to different market trends and changes. This ensures your business stays at the forefront of the industry. 

Overall, enlisting the expertise of professionals in pay-per-call marketing can help home services businesses increase their customer base and boost their bottom line.

Offload Lead Qualification Process

These specialists aren’t only knowledgeable about the home services industry. Through their expertise, they can pre-qualify leads for you. This eliminates non-relevant calls, sure. More importantly, it provides reduces wasted time and resources on your end. 

This process saves a lot of time and stress in general. Your sales team no longer has to spend hours on the phone with potential customers who may not be a good fit. Additionally, you only pay for the leads that meet your specific criteria. Talk about cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Finally, by partnering with specialists in home services industries for pay-per-call marketing, you and your team can focus on what they do best while leaving the lead qualification process to the experts.

Focus on Other Areas of Business Growth

Pay-per-call specialists generate leads and drive new business to your doorstep. By entrusting your marketing to professionals, you can focus on other areas of business growth. You know, the important stuff. Focus on increasing your revenue streams without getting bogged down with marketing logistics. 

These specialists use strategies like the following to create effective campaigns that attract conversion-ready leads:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click
  • Social media marketing
  • Cold calling

This allows you to reach a wider audience, generate more leads, and ultimately grow your business. But that’s not all. You can do all that without taking time and energy away from other crucial areas of operation.

Get Started with Pay-Per-Call Marketing

At RPM, we offer a variety of services to our clients, including click-to-call and lead-generation services. We do so by utilizing a database of segmented consumers interested in home services industry businesses and services.

Basically, we know exactly how to connect your business with interested consumers and increase engagement with your target audience. Plus, our private ownership and operation allow for a customer-focused experience unlike any other. 

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