Since the coronavirus pandemic, customers have changed their shopping habits. 88% have decided to remain with their new shops, retail stores, and companies. This is true both for offline and online shoppers.

But as a business, it’s important that you know how to retain your customer base. That way, you can keep the sales coming in and ensure your business grows and flourishes.

In this guide, we’ll give you marketing tips on how to keep your customers coming back for more and you’ll have a recurring customer base. Read on to find out how.

Reward Your Customers

Customers love reward schemes. To keep them coming back to your store you can offer them:

  • Money savings cards where points turn into prizes
  • Applying offers to items customers purchase often
  • Giving money off goods on a regular basis

This helps customers see the value in sticking with your store. We all love a bargain – customers do too!

Check competitor pricing and reward systems and adjust yours accordingly. Try something original to set yourself apart from the market and keep your customer flooding back through the doors.

Advertise on Social Media Platforms

It’s a big world on social media these days. Who’s not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Use them wisely.

Have a strong social media presence by employing an expert. They can help set up:

  • Marketplaces to sell your products
  • Promotions through social media sites
  • A system to gain followers which turn into customers

Everyone’s online these days. It might seem scary at first as it can take time to get going. But over time, you’ll see the benefits.

Build a Strong Email Marketing Campaign

When customers register with your business, give them the option to receive offers and promotions via email. A trick here is to set it as the default option. It’s a slick move, but never think that you’re playing the customer – they should always read the terms and opt out if they don’t wish to receive them.

Once you’ve got customers on your list, you’re free to send them emails. When they’re added to your list, build on email marketing. Send offers and new product updates with first-time buyer sales to keep the customers cropping up – whether you have a website or offer an in-store service only.

Customers can lose interest when they’ve found a competitor store or aren’t receiving emails often to prompt them to buy. To this effect, an email marketing campaign can help them return and stay a loyal customer. Everyone loves a good bargain, so take advantage of those email promotions.

Maintain Strong Branding

An appealing brand name that tells the following can help you gain and retain customers:

  • Tells who you are
  • Says what you sell
  • Gives a unique slant to your industry


Bright colors, the right printing, and lettering can really make a customer go “wow, look at that!” What happens next? They walk in, browse, and shop.

Having a logo that’s attractive and catches the eye can help you gain new customers. Changing your logo helps maintain customer retention. 

Branding Options

You can also add a company car with branding on the side as well as billboards on buildings, handing out flyers, and advertising in newspapers and magazines where you can showcase your brand name and logo – whether new or old. 

Every slight addition can go a long way!

Give the Choice of Delivery

Convenience is the way forward these days. Offering delivery is a viable option to allow your customer base to expand. Think about what:

  • Slot times you’ll provide
  • The price of delivery
  • Who your target customer base is

Perhaps you could offer cheaper delivery slots for peak times that suit older customers since many might be devoted customers. A delivery saver can allow customers to pay in advance for cheaper slots. Overall, the savings can provide valuable and keep your customers happy. 

Click and Collect Service

A click-and-collect option as part of the online delivery service can also be a great choice which, while may include a service fee, can enable cheaper shopping overall due to the items not being delivered. This can come in handy for customers who:

  • Need to save time and can’t afford to wait at home for a full delivery slot
  • Customers who like to take a trip out of home
  • Elderly customers who feel more comfortable coming to the shop

Choice matters to customers. If they can shop both in-store and online, you give them more chances to use your shop. Then, they might just keep on buying from you – convenience matters to many!

Set up an Ecommerce Store

An e-commerce store is an online option whereby you can set up an online shop to sell your products or services. The main benefit is that it can help you drive more sales.

An e-commerce store differs from delivery options as they also include:

  • A blog
  • Can allow a greater variety of goods to be sold
  • Send products to further distances

It’s a new advance in technology that provides additional consumer options for gaining traction, leading to viewers, and ultimately buyers. With the right marketing company, you can build an awesome e-commerce website.

Leave a comment and review section showing how good your service is. This can improve communication between customers, help you build stronger customer relations, and improve your ability to retain customers. Satisfied customers will want to use the service again.

Choose Our Leading Marketing Company to Build a Recurring Customer Base

Customer retention is made easier with the right marketing strategies in place. We’ve touched on the main ones here which include:

  • Offering reward schemes
  • Marketing using social media
  • Email advertising
  • Solid branding
  • Using online sales options

This all helps not just build a bigger customer base but makes them want to return. Set yourself apart from the competition with these tips for a recurring customer base.

Get on board with one of the top marketing companies around. Call us today and watch your business grow with our superior marketing strategies!