Over half of Medicare recipients also rely on a Medicare supplement to fill the gaps in their existing coverage. If you provide supplemental insurance to Medicare recipients, there is no shortage of potential policyholders. 

The problem is that there is a lot of competition out there and reaching this target market isn’t always easy. Many are no longer seeking supplemental insurance through an employer and may not be active online.

This can make securing medicare supplement leads difficult. However, you job is not complete just because you’ve tracked down viable leads.

Read on as we talk about how to get medicare supplement leads and, more importantly, how to convert them faster.

Getting Medicare Supplement Leads

Before you can start converting leads, you’ll need to generate them. There are a few different ways that you can approach the process of finding customers in the medicare supplement market. Let’s take a look at the three most effective approaches to generating medicare supplement leads.

1. Medicare Supplement Advertising

When you’re putting together an ad campaign for your medicare supplement insurance company, you have one advantage: you know exactly the age group that you’re targeting: 65 and up. The next step is determining the best ways to reach this particular demographic when putting together an ad campaign.

Social media is still a viable option as long as you focus on Facebook, where 50% of people 65 and older have an account. The presence of this demographic on other social media platforms is far lower. In addition to online advertising, you can also consider direct mail advertising and, if you have the budget for it, radio, newspaper, or TV advertising. 

2. Improving Medicare Supplement SEO

If someone is looking for insurance to supplement medicare coverage for themselves or a parent, they’re likely to turn to the internet. You should make sure that your website is front and center when they do.

To improve your medicare supplement SEO, make sure that you’ve created and completed a Google Business Profile. Make sure that your website has a fast operating speed and is easy to navigate. Finally, create content that is rich (but not overstuffed) with high-ranking, industry-relevant keywords.

3. Paying for Quality Leads

The methods we’ve discussed so far take time and effort. Advertising campaigns can take months to produce results and SEO is something you have to strive to improve continuously over time.

If you’re looking for more leads right away, consider our pay per lead program. We provide high-quality leads and you can stop or restart our service at any time, using it only when it suits you.

Converting Medicare Insurance Leads Faster

Now that you’ve secured quality leads, it’s time to turn those leads into policyholders. After all, your leads are only useful when they boost your conversion rate. Let’s take a look at three winning strategies to start converting medicare insurance leads faster so you don’t lose policyholders to the competition. 

1. Using the Right Communication Channels

Facebook might be an effective place to grab leads, but you’ll need to find other avenues for the leads you’ve already generated. Now, it’s time to focus on direct communication that provides useful information and builds trust.

Email and direct mail are some of the best ways to open that line of communication. These forums allow you to pack in both written information and graphics that allow your leads to learn more about your coverage and why it’s the right choice for them. You can also encourage your leads to sign up for phone calls so that they can speak to a sales representative, directly.

2. Improving Your Medicare Supplement Website

Converting leads isn’t just about directly influencing their behavior. It’s also about providing the right tools for them to learn more about your insurance company on their own time. Your website is the ideal place for this to occur, especially if your CTAs will lead them there.

How can you improve your medicare supplement website so that it improves conversion rates? Start by creating an intuitive design and having that design reviewed to ensure that no pertinent information is hidden away. This should include coverage information, premium and deductible information, and contact information.

There’s another thing you should never keep hidden on your medicare supplement website: client testimonials. Most consumers prefer word of mouth over direct advertising, and seeing that you have many satisfied policyholders can be the most convincing approach.

3. Dividing Up Your Sales Team

Does your sales team currently juggle both existing policyholders and leads? This can create delays for leads who are seeking to learn more information and reduce the overall attention given to each lead. It’s time to divide your sales team so that one division is focused solely on converting leads.

By creating a lead conversion division, you can ensure that there is always a focused effort on the leads you’ve already generated. This division can create follow-up campaigns and handle communication with anyone who is seriously considering your supplemental insurance policy. By giving leads undivided attention, you build trust and communication before they take their business elsewhere.

RPM Can Provide the Leads So You Can Focus on Conversion

Roughly half of all medicare users will purchase supplemental insurance at some point. With the right lead generation and conversion strategy, you can ensure that they become your policyholders and not the competition’s policyholders.  

The first step is securing the best medicare supplement leads. If you’re tired of waiting for a long-term campaign to produce effects, you may want to consider RPM.

At RPM, we make securing high-quality leads easy. We also let you use our tools on your terms. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.