RPM Accelerates Business Growth with Exclusive, High-Quality


Access to motivated clients actively seeking health insurance is crucial for unprecedented business growth, and exclusive high-quality Medicare leads can provide just that. At RPM, we provide qualified Medicare T65 leads, Medicare Supplement leads, and Medicare Advantage leads that match our clients’ specific requirements. As a leader in lead generation services, Real Performance Marketing specializes in several competitive industries, including Medicare insurance leads.

Our success stems from our ability to continuously adjust our SEO-driven and affiliate campaigns based on substantial marketing data, keeping us informed on trends and expanding our reach to benefit your company. Trust in RPM to deliver exclusive, high-quality Medicare leads that will help drive your business growth.

Every day, more than 10,000 people become eligible for Medicare for the first time and are actively searching for their best Medicare option. Our exclusive Medicare leads open the door for your company to reach the new and existing potential client base that may be looking to change their insurance provider.

Exclusive Medicare Calls

The quest for quality Medicare insurance leads is challenging because many lead generation services sell the same leads to multiple companies, depleting the leads’ worth and quality. However, having access to exclusive and motivated Medicare insurance leads will give your business a competitive edge. This advantage will allow you to scale your business through the provision of pre-qualified leads that perfectly match your services.

The Medicare for All initiative has increased the market’s size, offering a wealth of exclusive Medicare calls to marketing agencies and businesses who know how to find them. Our lead generation service targets individuals who first enter the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and those seeking to switch providers, ensuring access to leads that genuinely match your requirements.


If your business is struggling to find Medicare leads that align with your services, allow Real Performance Marketing to assist you. Our exclusive Medicare leads boast high conversion rates due to the meticulousness of our qualification process. Before sending any qualified leads to your sales team, we assess multiple criteria based on your requirements.

Partnering with RPM guarantees a constant flow of qualified Medicare insurance leads, delivering some of the highest conversion rates of any marketing channel. Our Medicare insurance leads prioritize performance, ensuring that your return on investment is always favorable. Trust in RPM to deliver results-driven leads for Medicare insurance and help scale your business.


At Real Performance Marketing, we possess in-depth knowledge of the Medicare health insurance industry and collaborate with your company to identify the ideal demographics for your services. Our goal is to align your business with the perfect target audience, taking into account factors such as age, location, income level, and marital status. This focused approach enables your sales team to concentrate on the most appropriate target market, saving you time, effort, and scaling up your business.

Moreover, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will guide you in maximizing our call tracking software’s potential, providing valuable insights into the most effective ways to reach your target audience. With full control over the qualified Medicare-based leads, your company can take the reins of business growth.

Try RPM Medicare leads for yourself.