U65 health insurance, or under 65 health insurance, is a part of the Affordable Care Act plans for people under the age of 65. Reaching this expansive health insurance market can be difficult with its highly competitive nature. Our qualified U65 health insurance leads can give you access to thousands of people who are looking for health insurance without needing to compete with search engine results and use marketing channels that have a poor return on investment.

RPM is a leading U65 health insurance leads service with a focus on providing quality leads on a results-driven model. Your success is our success and we, therefore, strive to bring your company only the highest quality leads based on your exact specifications.

With Real Performance Marketing as your business ally, you will have full control over your health insurance leads and have a level of call tracking that provides both invaluable insights to help you optimize your efforts but also the ability to change the volume, quality, duration, and various important aspects of the inbound calls that your agents will receive.

Exclusive U65 Health Insurance Calls

One of the ways that we ensure that our U65 health insurance leads meet the high-quality standard that we strive for at RPM is to make sure that each call is exclusive. The leads your company buys from RPM will be motivated individuals who are seeking health insurance and your company will be the only one that they are directed to.

We specialize in qualified U65 insurance leads which include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) leads, Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs) leads, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) leads, Point-of-Service Plans (POS) leads, High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) leads, and Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan leads.

Each call is carefully vetted by asking a series of questions so that we can ensure that they meet your company’s pre-established requirements, helping to only give you potential clients that want your specific service. This greatly improves your return on investment and can save your business time and money by focusing on high-converting, exclusive leads.

How to Get the Best Health Insurance Leads

If you want to know how to get the best health insurance leads for your company’s growth and a healthy return on your advertising investment, then RPM is your answer. The key to getting the best health insurance leads lies in how they are acquired.

Since Real Performance Marketing focuses entirely on results-driven leads with a sophisticated and meticulous approach, every one of the calls that we put through is high-quality and matches your service or product profile. With RPM, your healthy ROI is ensured thanks to your quality leads.

Why Work with RPM Insurance?

RPM specializes in providing U65 health insurance leads among other highly competitive fields. We will help your business to grow by providing you with qualified calls for the health insurance industry as well as help you to cut down on your advertising budget and the need for a dedicated advertising team to drum up business.

Our verified leads are completely under your control; with full control over your inbound qualified calls, you will be able to match your week-to-week needs perfectly, allowing you to focus on other areas such as sales conversion and customer support. RPM is your ideal partner for business growth, allowing your business to thrive while saving money and time.

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