The Affiliate’s Guide to 2022 Medicare Open Enrollment

Is Your Affiliate Strategy Ready for Open Enrollment?

It’s almost that time of year again. No, not that time (hold the sleighbells) – the time for Medicare and Medicaid open enrollment. Whether you’re new to open enrollment, or you’ve been running offers for years, things have changed since last year. RPM has been working closely with all of our publishers to avoid compliance roadblocks and ensure affiliates are ready for launch. Keep our checklist nearby in order to ensure your promotions and creatives are approved ahead of open enrollment.

Big Changes from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS):

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have released new policy guidelines pertaining to the advertising of open enrollment. This means that, unlike in past years, publishers must be approved by the CMS. Once approved, affiliates will receive their own SMID code verifying that they are compliant to run.


  • Have you reviewed the updated Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) promotion and marketing materials restrictions? Check out some changes to the approved language below.
  • Have you been approved to run through the CMS?
  • Have you received and made note of your verified SMID code?

Say this not that

Say this

✔ Older Adults, Americans over 65, People with Medicare, Medicare Recipients
✔ Eligible
✔ In Minutes, Free No Obligation Quote
✔ Licensed Sales Agent” or “Licensed Insurance Agent
✔ Great, Good, Affordable
✔ You may be able to save money

Not that

✘ Seniors
✘ Qualify
✘ Any Medicare Carrier’s name
✘ Any rush or a false sense of urgency
✘ Licensed Medicare Agents”, “Advocate”, “Expert
✘ Superlatives or ‘absolutes’ (e.g. best, guaranteed, all, asap complete, unlimited, full, low)

Plan Ahead: Know What to Expect and Hit the Ground Running

✔ Have you submitted your pre-sell pages to CMS yet?
✔ Is your SMID code given by CMS displayed on your presell pages?
✔ Do your marketing materials and offer promotions contain compliant language and creatives?
✔ Are you running traffic in the top channels for open enrollment lead generation success?


Just to name a few:

✔ Social media

✔ Display

✔ Sourced Email


✔ Is your account with Real Performance Marketing up to date for open enrollment? Log in and reach out to your account manager to be in the clear.


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