Millions of Americans are severely behind on their tax payments and are are actively seeking relief. After discovering the ways to relieve themselves of this burden, many consumers go online to find a tax settlement company. These consumers are usually looking to hire a company immediately in order to get rid of their worries. In order to have a chance at closing the consumer who searches online, your company must be front row and center so that your company receives the initial contact.


Performance marketing allows your company to tap into online channels and ensure the tax settlement prospect calls your company instead of a competitor. But there’s one key difference between performance based and traditional online marketing. With performance marketing, your company is billed only for results (inbound phone calls and verified leads), and never for ad spend.


RPM will take care of creating, optimizing, and managing online advertising campaigns that are seen by consumers who need immediate tax settlement relief options. When you work with us, you have the opportunity to pay a flat fee in order to receive inbound tax settlement calls that we generate. Your company gets a chance to close the prospect without the need to concern itself with the logistics of successful online marketing campaigns. As long as your company is equipped to handle inbound phone calls and leads, performance marketing is an effective growth solution.


Companies don’t want to waste valuable resources on tax debt leads that don’t match the criteria the company caters to. Join RPM and immediately be connected to customers in need of your specific tax debt relief offerings.


With so many Americans encumbered by Federal and State taxes, our tax debt leads are highly reputable and filtered to ensure that you only receive high-quality phone calls.


We know you don’t want stale, overused, or low-quality calls. That’s why we continue to work hard on your behalf to ensure that these conversations remain relevant and that the callers are interested in exactly what you have to offer.


Real Performance Marketing works with only the most reputable call suppliers. We use call generation technologies to guarantee that calls fulfill our criteria in terms of target market, call timing, call content, call duration, and compliance, among other things.

Never Settle for Unwanted Calls

RPM strives to produce only the best and most qualified calls for your business. Our call generation services only target interested clients who are actively searching for help your business can provide.


Spending time on unqualified phone leads drags other resources down which can negatively impact your company. Let Real Performance Marketing connect you to the exact customer base you’re seeking.

Pre-Qualify Your Calls

From a few hundred to millions of dollars, tax debt comes in all sizes. If your company mainly caters to clients with over $10,000 in tax debt or under $10,000 in debt, all of RPM’s’ calls are screened to ensure they meet the standards you want in your potential customers. Working with qualified and prescreened calls from Real Performance Marketing helps lessen your company’s resources on unnecessary customer interactions.


Millions of tax debts from the IRA are resolved every year. Don’t let potential clients find their way to other companies. Start using RPM now and receive the best calls for your business today.

Try out RPM phone leads for yourself.