The solar industry is booming and the trend is set to continue as solar technology and accessibility increase. While the market is fairly new, the level of competition is high and a solar company may struggle to achieve market share growth. Our high-quality solar lead generation service can help your company to thrive in the demanding online marketing age.

Every resident will need to rely on a home service professional to service their home at one time or another. By utilizing our extensive list of home service customers that are always on the lookout for qualified professionals, we can specifically connect you to the perfect calls for your business.

One of the ways that we ensure that our solar leads meet the high-quality standard that we strive for at RPM is to make sure that each call is exclusive. The leads your company buys from RPM will be motivated individuals who are seeking solar for their home or business needs and your company will be the only one that they are directed to.

Each call is carefully vetted by asking a series of questions so that we can ensure that they meet your company’s pre-established requirements, helping to only give you potential clients that want your specific service. This greatly improves your return on investment and can save your business time and money by focusing on high-converting, exclusive solar leads.

To help the growth of your business, we provide the following types of home services phone leads:

Exclusive Real-Time Home Services Calls – RPM offers real-time home services calls that are searching for your services. Qualified calls are put directly through to you when they call looking to hire a company for specific home services.

Informative Phone Leads – You will gain access to a list of leads actively searching for or needing home services. We will provide you with the information required to understand their particular needs, and thus cater to them.

If you want to know how to get the best solar leads for your company growth and a healthy return on your advertising investment, then Real Performance Marketing is your answer. The key to getting the best solar leads lies in how they are acquired.

Since RPM focuses entirely on results-driven leads with a sophisticated and meticulous approach, every one of the calls that we put through to your company is high-quality and matches your service or product profile. With RPM, healthy ROI is ensured thanks to your quality leads

With Real Performance Marketing as your business ally, you will have full control over your solar leads and have a level of call tracking that provides both invaluable insights to help you optimize your efforts but also the ability to constantly change the volume, quality, duration, and various important aspects of the inbound calls that your agents will receive.

Some of the largest Residential Solar Companies in America buy Solar Leads from us daily – place a test order and find out why!

If you’re buying solar leads from aggregators like Clean Energy Experts, Leads Genesis, and Modernize, our clients have consistently told us that our leads convert better.

We generate several thousand real-time exclusive leads per day nationwide as well as live transfers and pre-set appointments.

Types of Leads We Offer

Real Performance Marketing offers a wide variety of Solar Leads nationwide that fit any budget or business model. Whether you have a large call center that can handle thousands of real-time exclusive solar leads per day and need TCPA-compliant aged solar leads/dialer data as well as live transfers to keep your inside sales reps busy or if you are a small group who prefers pre-set appointments to keep your outside sales team closing, we’ve got you covered!

  • Real-Time Exclusive Solar Leads
  • Live Solar Transfers
  • Preset Solar Appointments
  • Shared Solar Leads
  • Aged Solar Leads
  • TCPA Compliant Aged Solar Leads
  • Spanish Solar Leads
  • Home Improvement Leads
  • Deregulated Energy Leads
  • Home Warranty Leads

Real-Time Exclusive Solar Leads

  • 100% exclusivity for 30-60 days
  • 100% opt-in and TCPA compliant
  • All online and social media driven
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Highly Scalable
  • Can perform Spanish only Campaigns (popular in TX, FL, CA)
  • Can post into any CRM

Live Solar Transfers

  • Our call center sends your team a live prospect who has expressed interest in going solar
  • Prequalified based on your team’s qualifying criteria (minimum electric bill, credit score, etc.)
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Ideal for companies with a decent-sized call center

Pre-set Appointments

  • Our call center sets a pre-qualified appointment for your team
  • Prequalified based on your team’s qualifying criteria
  • Appointment returned if prospect is not the homeowner
  • Very competitive pricing Ideal for smaller companies who do not have a call center and larger groups with a call center who wish to boost their outside sales reps total weekly sits

Shared Solar Leads

  • Same criteria as Exclusive but shared with 2-3 other solar companies max
  • Ideal for companies with a decent-sized call center and CRM system who can call on this lead within 10-20 seconds of receiving the lead

Aged Solar Leads

  • Aged Solar Opt-In leads
  • 14-90 days old
  • Ideal for companies with call centers who need to keep their Inside sales reps busy calling on decent quality data
  • Deeply discounted pricing
  • Excellent return on investment and highly popular as a result

TCPA Compliant Aged Solar Leads

  • High-Quality Aged Solar Leads 14-90 days old
  • Post 90-day aged solar leads are also available
  • Ideal for Installers with Call Centers who need to keep their dialers busy calling on decent data
  • Consistently lowest priced price per appointment versus other solar lead types
  • Deeply discounted – Best return on investment


Real Performance Marketing garners commercial and residential solar leads from all over the country. You already saw the lead services above, but RPM of course provides as much detail as possible with each and every lead. Below is a small sample from the thousands of solar leads we’ve received:
  • “We bought DIY solar panels with a backup generator and need to hire a contractor to install.”
  • “Solar panels needed for the south-facing roof, approximately 36′ x 14′.”
  • “I have a new roof where the solar panels need to be. Need to find some way to have solar to lower my bill.”
  • “The solar hot water heater does not come on. Need helping repairing.”
  • “We want to be off the power grid. We have 90% of an acre. Other company did could not meet our needs.
  • “We want the panels in the yard, not on our roof.”
  • “We would like to switch to solar power due to high rates and our home gets direct sunlight 99% of the time.”
  • “We are interested in both solar panels and a solar water heater.”
  • “Want to install solar panels? We live about mile and a half outside of a small rural community, with lots of trees to the north and south, but good eastern and western exposures in the morning and afternoon. Might have to place panel on ground to be most effective.”
  • “We have a solar hot water heating system on our roof and for some reason, it has not been heating the water. I want someone to come and take a look at our system and give us some options as to why it’s not functioning properly.”
  • “We have solar panels, but need help installing them on the roof.”
  • “We have a leaking solar panel and need to replace it.”


Real Performance Marketing operates the website All Solar Lane, where homeowners are able to submit their project information and get matched with contractors in their area that are signed up for the specific service they need. As a contractor, you should never receive a lead for a service you do not provide or a lead outside your service area.