Quality Data for Outbound Call Centers: Fuel Your Growth Engine

Don’t underestimate the importance of quality data for outbound call centers. Operating an outbound call center without quality data is like driving at night with broken headlights and an empty gas tank. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, and you’re not going far. 

Data lights your way forward and fuels your growth engine. If you want to accelerate your call center’s growth, you must have accurate and compliant data that fits your model.

You Can’t Afford to Waste Time

Time is valuable to both you and your team. Bad data causes you to waste time, burn valuable resources, and severely hurt agent morale. You may focus on data and dialing strategies that go nowhere, which hinders your call center’s efficiency. Your bottom line suffers, and so do your employees, who may need to work more hours to accomplish just a fraction of the success that would be possible with better data. The effect of this can magnify even greater if your agents work on commission-based compensation plans. Think low quality data doesn’t affect employee retention? Think again. Bad data can cause leaks in your engine in more places than you think.

Residual Effects of Bad Data

A lack of data doesn’t just hurt you. It also hurts the prospects and customers you’re calling.

Consumers have been bombarded with irrelevant and scam robocalls. According to Pew Research, only 19% of U.S. adults answer calls from unknown numbers, and 14% won’t even check a voicemail.

When call centers call people who aren’t interested, they risk annoying those individuals and further eroding trust in call center representatives. It’s a lose-lose situation. Even worse, call centers can run afoul of TCPA regulations if they’re using data that’s not compliant. For example, a call center might inadvertently call people on the National Do Not Call Registry because of bad data.

Mistakes like this can lead to fines, and when these mistakes happen repeatedly, those fines really add up. According to Top Class Actions, Allstate recently agreed to pay $4.5 million to resolve a lawsuit alleging TCPA violations and unsolicited calls to people on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Better data can help you avoid expensive compliance mistakes like this.

Figure Out What Data Works for Your Model

Not all data is made equal, and even more so, not all data can produce the same results for every call center. “High Quality” is not a one size fits all description.

The most important step a call center can make when creating their data strategy is understanding what kind of data best suits your Call Center, factoring in your dialer, vertical(s), agent seat count, script, hours of operation, cash flow, and beyond. From there, you need to secure a data mix that creates synergy within these components, and scale it. For example, a 10-seat outbound call center focusing on Solar appointment setting will need a different data mix than a 100-seat outbound call center focusing on Live Transfers for Final Expense.

For the 10-seat Solar team, sticking with Exclusive, Real-Time data should create synergy within the model, as it fits within the need for high-intent consumers who have not made a purchasing decision yet, and seeing as there are only 10 seats to supply data to, you don’t need to worry as much about running out of leads to fuel your engine each day.

For the 100-seat transfer team, you may need to create a mix of real-time exclusive, real-time shared and aged leads, to ensure contact rates and close rates stay at optimal levels for your bottom line, while also ensuring you have enough gasoline to fuel 100 agents every day.

As previously said, all data is not created equal, so it is vitally important for your call center to understand what kind of data will help you become profitable at scale.

Outbound Call Center – Finding Your Ideal Data Partner

Your call center needs high-quality data at scale, and that means you need a data provider you can trust.

  • Is the data current and accurate?
  • Do the leads have strong intent to buy?
  • Do the leads fit into your data mix?
  • Is the data TCPA complaint?
  • Does the CPL meet your profit requirements?
  • Is there enough data to scale with your business?


Does Your Call Center Have the Data It Needs?

If your call center engine isn’t running smoothly, it’s time to upgrade the data you use to fuel operations.

RPM provides high quality data to call centers specializing in Medicare, final expense insurance, ACA health insurance and more. Our owned and operated data is generated by search, social and display, capturing leads that are actively looking for the products you offer. Leverage real-time, exclusive data for insurance agents looking to close deals or choose high volume aged data for your outbound call center.

Discover how we can help fuel your growth engine with:

  • Real time Exclusive data
  • Real time Shared data
  • High-Volume Aged data
  • and more!

All RPM data is opt-in, TCPA compliant data with JornayaID and/or TrustedForm.