How RPM Generates Insurance Live Transfers – Senior Markets

You need to generate leads for your senior market life and health insurance products. There are many ways to do this, but if you’re looking for an excellent ROI, look no further than Real Performance Marketing’s Live Transfer Insurance Leads. 


Many leads go nowhere. Sometimes, the prospect is no longer interested. Other times, they’ve already purchased from your competitor. They may also be very interested – but also very busy. The result is the same – your agents waste time on leads that don’t convert.

Live transfer leads can address these issues to provide more conversions and a better ROI.

At RPM, we provide Medicare, ACA/U65 Health, and Final Expense live transfer leads for many of the largest insurance carriers and agencies in the business. If you’re starting to explore this revenue-generating opportunity, or if you’re comparing providers, here’s a quick primer that covers everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is a live transfer? 

A live transfer occurs when a call center representative transfers a call to an insurance agent.


At RPM, we generate demand by reaching out to people who have engaged with information about Medicare, Health, and Final Expense Insurance. Our live agents reach out to these prospects to make sure that each prospect is interested in purchasing insurance. Once the lead has been qualified, the call is transferred to a live agent who can complete the sale.

What is the difference between a live transfer, a warm transfer and a cold transfer?

  • In a live transfer, a call center representative qualifies a lead and then transfers the call to a specialized agent who can complete the sale.
  • In a warm transfer, the first representative provides the agent with information when making the transfer. This “warms” the agent up.
  • In a cold transfer, the agent does not receive information when the call is transferred. The term “blind transfer” is also used.

How do live transfer calls work?

Live transfer calls follow three basic steps:

  1. A call is initiated between a prospect and a call center representative.
  2. The call center representative talks to the prospect briefly to qualify the lead.
  3. If the call center representative can qualify the lead, the call is transferred to an insurance agent to close the sale.

How can you source the highest quality live transfer insurance leads?

The live transfer method can be very effective, but as with all leads, it’s important to use a good source.

  • The leads need to be scrubbed to ensure legal compliance. (Read more on this below.) 
  • The call center agents need to be properly trained. It’s important to go over scripting, as well as the different questions and scenarios that can come up. When targeting the senior demographic, it’s also important for representatives to know how to handle a prospect who shows signs of dementia – they need to know not to transfer in this case.
  • The leads must be of high quality. Pushing for transfers at any cost – even when they’re low quality or not legally compliant – can lead to wasted time and open you up to legal exposures. 
  • A healthy work environment is essential. Sales are about people, after all, and first impressions matter. The call needs to start off on the right foot, or it won’t go anywhere. To achieve this, you need a lead source with a good culture, one that’s professional but not too corporate or rigid. A little personality, passion and care can establish the right tone and set your insurance agents up for success.

Why is it essential to find a live transfer partner that is highly focused on compliance?

The surge in robocalls might lead you to think that anything goes, but this is not actually the case. Telemarketing calls are heavily regulated. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), the Do Not Call Registry and other regulations restrict who, when, and how telemarketers can call. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to massive fines and lawsuits, as well as reputational damage. 

Why does the company culture of your live transfer partner matter?

Do YOU enjoy being the target of high-pressure sales tactics? Probably not. 


The hard sell might sound good, but it’s often ineffective, especially these days when people are aware of all the aggressive advertisements and sales tactics used on them. Pushy sales agents may end up chasing good prospects away. 


You offer an insurance product that can help the right person. You want a live transfer partner that helps you identify good matches so you can make a sale. 


You also want a live transfer partner who represents your brand well. According to a study from the University of Georgia, high-pressure work environments can encourage unethical behavior. That’s not what you want from a live transfer partner that creates the first impression for your prospects.

Why is cost per acquisition better for live call transfers?

To calculate your cost per acquisition, or CPA, you need to divide your total marketing spend by your sales. A lower CPA is always better because it means your costs are under control. The cost per acquisition for live call transfers can be very attractive for several reasons:


  1. The leads are high quality, from consumers who actually want to purchase.
  2. The leads are exclusive, so you don’t have to compete with other agents.
  3. You have a prospect who’s ready to listen, meaning there’s no wasting time trying to talk to consumers who may be interested but are too busy at the moment.

Why are conversion rates often better for live transfers?

Leads are great, but they only really matter if you can convert them into sales. Speed to lead matters. According to HubSpot, research has shown that half of consumers chose the vendor that responds to them first, and the odds of qualifying a lead are 21 times greater when contact is made in five minutes versus 30 minutes. With exclusive live transfer leads, you’re in a strong position to speak to the prospect – and close the sale – first.

How does RPM produce the world’s best live transfers?

At RPM, our focus is on doing the right thing for the customer. Period. We do not push representatives to get a transfer at any cost, regardless of compliance issues. Instead, we emphasize quality as well as quantity. This means that our services are TCPA-compliant and set your agents up for success. We know that when your cost per acquisition is lower, your bottom line is better, and we help our buyers get the CPA and conversion rates they need. 


We are interested in building long-term relationships, and the buyers that come to us stay with us for years. We schedule regular check-in meetings with you to ensure your continued satisfaction. 


We strive to earn the trust of buyers, and we also act as my trusted quotes. Consumers who have seen our educational content call in for more information. These callers receive a friendly and educational process – not a hard sell – before they are transferred to you.
We are a Texas-based company, and all of our transfer agents are located in the U.S.