Ensuring you have high-quality credit repair leads is one of the most important aspects of your business. Let RPM steer clients searching for credit repair services straight to you with our proven and effective lead generation techniques.

Real performance Marketing identifies eligible credit repair leads from people who are actively seeking your services. We not only generate high-quality calls ourselves, but we also collaborate with renowned phone lead sources to vet calls that will benefit you the most.

We generate debt leads from websites that deliver high-quality credit card debt settlement leads daily. The websites are devoted to people who are financially troubled and need a solution to their unsecured debt issue. These individuals request help by supplying their contact information so they can speak to a debt settlement counselor. Once the individual completes their information on the website, that information is immediately passed over to you as our lead buying clients. We only send you that debt settlement leads where the person self-identifies as owing more than $10,000 in unsecured debt. These leads are called internet web form debt settlement leads and we send them via email or post them into your CRM database.

All credit card debt settlement leads are:

  • Exclusive
  • $10,000 or more in unsecured debt
  • Strong closing ratios
  • Interested in speaking with a debt settlement counselor

Credit Repaid Leads You Want

When purchasing credit repair leads, you don’t want to spend time and resources with clients not completely interested in your services. With our pre-screened calls, you will be connected with clients interested in the credit repair services you specialize in.
Tracking down clients in need of credit repair can be a daunting and costly task. Our call generation services ensure your days of endlessly searching for clients interested in your business are a thing of the past. Our pre-screened and qualified calls help your business concentrate solely on clients in need of credit repair help.

Result-Oriented Calls

By specializing in real-time calls, you’ll be connected in real-time to clients actively searching for credit repair services. With our real-time calls, you can be assured of interacting with qualified customers who are in the market for credit repair help.

Try out RPM phone leads for yourself.