Call Verified Leads

Call Verified Leads


Consumer clicks on “click-to-call” or an agent calls a lead


Agent at the call center reads the pre-approved script which verifies the lead’s consent, intent, and qualification for the product offering


The agent then posts the lead information to RPM, and RPM posts it directly to your CRM


Your agent receives the lead information to call the consumer back and can start pitching to the prospect

RPM gives you access to high-intent and verified callers who come to you

Dynamic pricing, actionable insights, and the control you get with the platform means that the money you spend on Calls goes further with RPM.

Unlock Your Growth using RPM Verified Calls at Digital Speed

Perfect solution if you have tech limitations to route warm transfers or tracking is challenging

You only get posted 100% vetted, qualified, high-intent and compliant consumers

Ensure almost a 100% contact rate with your lead as consumers have just been vetted

Buy the right call verified leads for the right price, dynamically and programmatically

Make data-led decisions on the calls you accept with insights and reports on your call verified lead sources