5 Steps to Increase Conversions and Performance of Your Leads

Things we hear from publishers is that conversion is never as high as they’d like. Here’s a few steps to improve that.

Step 1. Don’t leave your page.

One of the biggest conversion-killers out there is changing web-pages. It might not sound like much, but internal testing has shown that simply leaving one domain for a different one (like many do if you’re hosting forms separate from landing pages) can drastically bring down form-fill rates.

Thankfully, with just a little web design, you can implement a form that pops up directly from the landing page — and enable a seamless transition to completion. And, if your form has multiple pages, use a form that switches between frames without changing the web page.

Step 2. Personalize your copy.

People like being recognized. We’ll skip the psycho-babble to explain it because it’s plain to see that people appreciate being recognized based on their own details.

As such, including location names or personal information in your forms (e.g. “Find a lender in Saginaw!”) makes a difference. Data also shows that when forms include copy based on what’s already been submitted, customers are more likely to complete that form — and more likely to close!

Step 3. Pre-populate the zip code.

This one is an easy win. The first step in many forms is for users to input their zip code. Skip that step. Pre-populate that field based on the user’s IP address. It’s a great way to bring people into the form.

Step 4. Validate the data.

We’re all guilty of typos. Sometimes that happens while quickly filling out contact information. We’re not all guilty of deliberately providing false information in a form, but it is more common than many of us want to think.

Both cases decrease the quality of the leads you collect, oftentimes rendering that person uncontactable or worthless. Running validation checks on all contact information submitted inside a form requires users to provide more accurate information before the lead is submitted, and increasing the value you deliver.

Step 5. Monetize your thank you page.

Even after consumers complete a form, they may not necessarily match up with your lead-buyers for a variety of reasons. Providing relevant offers on your thank-you page creates not just an opportunity for monetization, but also a means for your leads to convert for someone else — an indirect increase to your overall lead quality.

There you have it. 5 steps. Easy steps. Maybe you can implement one today? Or maybe we can help you with more?